1.- The personal data that the user provides to Hotel Posada de la Aldea, such as names, address, telephone number, country, postal code, email, occupation, company and those referring to their Internet and Internet access provider , and / or any other that voluntarily provides to Hotel Posada de la Aldea, when this is necessary to provide a specific service, are processed under strict confidentiality and data protection rules.

2.- Hotel Posada de la Aldea does not share, supply or inform users or third parties regarding the personal data of users.

3.- The information is used by Hotel Posada de la Aldea for the sole purpose of improving the offer of services to its users and may be used for commercial or statistical purposes, exclusively by our company.

4.- The personal information obtained from the user will not be disclosed to third parties without their prior consent, unless required by competent authorities.

5.- The user may, at any time, report any update of their personal data, including their deletion, rectification or cancellation, by accessing the online form intended for this purpose within our customer area of ​​Hotel Posada de la Aldea .

6.- Hotel Posada de la Aldea uses files that the user's browser automatically saves on its hard disk to improve and facilitate navigation, or for statistical and general analysis purposes; In no case can files called cookies read information from your hard drive or files created by other sites. If you do not want your browser to automatically accept cookies, you can change that condition by modifying the browser options.

7.- Hotel Posada de la Aldea is not responsible for the handling of the information obtained by third parties on the Client's pages, nor for the security of the data that the user voluntarily provides to third parties.

8.- The information issuance services by us to clients via email have the express authorization of the user, and in the case of not wishing to receive this type of information, they may inform it to be automatically removed from the distribution list.

9.- Hotel Posada de la Aldea, reserves the right to be able to provide information on URLs of current clients, to those prospects, current clients and / or future clients, who wish to contract the service with DS or already have it, all this as an example about our current client portfolio or some type of service that Hotel Posada de la Aldea provided.

10.- In case of having obtained information through scripts, whois or any other software that scans or obtains information from current clients and / or servers of Hotel Posada de la Aldea, as well as information published by third parties and with full knowledge of it offer the above, fall into what is called Industrial Espionage.

11.- The misuse of this information by the prospect, client and / or future client, may have civil and / or criminal consequences in case of offering any type of service or promotion similar or equal to that provided by Hotel Posada de la Village.

12.- The use of any of the services of Hotel Posada de la Aldea will be considered as acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy by the user.